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Ledgerset is now Clover

Our rebrand better reflects what we do—supporting teams within buying organizations to better collaborate internally and with suppliers.

Hi! Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves. We’re Clover, a supplier collaboration platform that’s purposefully built to help businesses do business better. 

Why Clover? The expression “to live in clover” means to enjoy a pleasant, comfortable life. Our goal is to transfer this experience to the workplace, where employees and teams can feel engaged instead of frustrated, aligned instead of siloed, and on top of tasks instead of perpetually behind on work. 

We also want suppliers to feel engaged and better prepared to do business with you and create mutually beneficial, highly collaborative relationships. 

Our rebrand is more than a name change. It’s a commitment to our values and our approach to supply chain relationships. It’s an investment in emerging transformative AI technologies that augment rather than replace the tools and processes you and your team use. 

If you’re already on our platform, you’ll soon benefit from the major feature enhancements and additional integrations we’re adding shortly. Of particular note is the Clover chatbot. With simple language prompts, the chatbot can uncover, summarize, and share insights into suppliers, products, information requests, contracts, documents—basically, every data point you could ever need and want.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our mission. We’re here to make it possible for every org to gain the benefits of superlative supplier collaboration: higher growth, lower operating costs, and greater profitability. 

Hundreds of the world's leading brands already rely on our supplier collaboration solution, and our promise to each and every one of them—and to you—is that we will continue to help you foster a truly collaborative environment between your teams and your suppliers. 

We’re excited for what’s to come and we’re so thankful that you’re joining us on our journey.

Ledgerset is now Clover

Shawn Cady

Shawn Cady is a career technologist and serial entrepreneur specialized in retail, foodservice and healthcare. He's got a mind full of questions, and a teacher in his soul. So it goes...