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See the big picture
and the little details

Clover is a supplier collaboration platform that helps you
always reach the right people

Managing supplier relationships can be a juggling act.


Meet Clover. A new way to collaborate with your supply chain.


Accomplish more, together

Prevent communication silos and knowledge gaps. Collaborate with suppliers on projects and initiatives, communicating at an individual or team level. Pull in colleagues from your own team or other teams/departments to get their input and make sure that everyone’s on the same page.


Smooth is fast

Create an exceptional supplier experience. Streamline how you send or request information from trading partners. Reduce duplicate requests for information and give suppliers immediate access to resources, support, and training. Foster a truly collaborative environment from the get-go.


See it all in one place

Everything, and we mean everything, to do with your supply chain is instantly accessible. Access supplier information, product information, relevant documents, contacts, and conversation history… in short, all of the knowledge and context you need to make informed decisions.


Give your team superpowers

Make your team feel like they have superspeed and x-ray vision. Ask Clover’s AI to do the heavy lifting for you. Using natural language, you can prompt our bot to summarize an email thread, give you updates on a supplier’s status, show you a history of price changes, identify gaps in information, and much more.


Reduce repetitive manual tasks

Build custom processes and workflows that handle everything, from supplier onboarding to bespoke information requests, at scale. Assign tasks to suppliers, share resources and documentation as needed, and collect data in just a few clicks—from one or one thousand suppliers at once.


Find everything

Say no to haystacks, needles, and frustrated searches.Clover speaks your language. Ask it a question or have it search by specific keywords. Plus, with built-in contextual similarity, Clover can find related suppliers, products, files, conversations, and more.


Your data, where you need it

We don’t want to change the way you work—we want to improve it. Our pre-built integrations for most data systems (ERPs, PLMs, MDMs, PIMs, etc.) and communication platforms like Slack, Teams, and email services allow you to bring it all home, into Clover.

With Clover, our benefits come in bulk.

Advanced reporting & dashboarding

Advanced analytics

To help you better understand your supplier relationships, and identify opportunities.

Customer team Support

A dedicated customer care team

We’re always ready to help you, and your suppliers, achieve more.

Clover library

We’ve got the goods

Read the latest from our blog.

Companies that regularly
collaborate with suppliers see higher growth, lower operating costs, and greater profitability.

Taking supplier collaboration
to the next level”, 2020

Build high performance supplier relationships

Other tools

Designed for individual use

Designed for team collaboration

Supplier data is scattered throughout multiple systems

Supplier data is captured and made visible to everyone who needs it

Clunky automation experience
(if supported)

Built-in, fully customizable process automation

Inflexible data structure

Define supplier and item data, your way

Supplier relationship history lost in individual email inboxes

Supplier relationship history and contacts available at all times, for all time

Supercharge the way you work together.